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Outputs & Outcomes

Facilitators will be better prepared to support a participatory approach to cultural heritage and to support the development of co-creative & participative cultural projects involving heritage assets.

Adult educators will be better prepared to exploit cultural heritage assets as a rich learning environment for competence oriented non-formal learning.

Policymakers will become more aware of the role culture and cultural heritage can play in social inclusion issues. 

Citizens and participants will gain personal and social competences for a successful engagement in socio-cultural processes and will be able to participate actively in socio-cultural life, strengthening their sense of belonging in the environment they live in.

  1. An overview of good practice examples
  2. A set of competences to implement Faro for stakeholders at grassroot level 
  3. Training modules for the development of Faro competences
  4. An EQF based validation approach for Faro competences at the level of the facilitators
  5. A place-based education model promoting learning that is rooted in the unique history, environment, culture, literature, and art of a particular place. 

Downloaded PPS Resources

Stocktaking report (IO1)
This report details the quantitative and qualitative research and stocktaking phase of PPS with good practice examples
Heritage community development guideline and Competence framework  (IO2) 
The guideline details the PPS methodology for heritage community development and capacity building for practitioners available in five languages.  The competence framework (only available in English)  lists and describes the competences needed for developing and facilitating heritage communities. 
PPS continuous professional Development curriculum (IO3)
The course curriculum aims to prepare heritage community builders or facilitators of community building processes for their roles in heritage community building.
PPS Exploitation Strategy and Instruments (IO6)
The dissemination of the PPS project was a goal as such from the creation of the partnership. This report details the exploitation and sustainability plan of PPS.
PPS Flyer and brochure
Promotional materials of pps project. Brochure is only available in English