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PPS was proud to be invited as a contributor to REVEAL14.

REVEAL14 brought together over 110 participants from 11 EU projects and local initiatives in Göttingen in September 2022. During the conference, Sarah Wolferstan, a colleagues form the PPS consortium, shared the role of culture and heritage within sustainability and how the FARO convention is related to sustainable development. Carrying the Song and Eco-pathway were two projects that represented PPS in the REVEAL14 Exhibition. They acted as an example for community of practice (Carrying the Songs) and community of interest (Eco-pathway). Visit the REVEAL14 virtual exhibition site to learn more about these two projects:

Under the motto “towards a circular sustainability culture”, professionals from the fields of ecology, social work, learning and culture exchanged ideas with each other. The programme promoted this through engaging keynotes, thematic and practical workshops, time for talks and discussions and an innovative exhibition, which was visited in mixed groups. The interconnectedness and the respective contribution to sustainability in the fields thus became apparent. The conference was accompanied by storyteller Clare Murphy who in the evening programme, which was a highlight for many, beautifully brought the experiences and insights together. The performance combined science education with storytelling, showcasing an alternative way to communicate and transmit knowledge that leaves a strong impression to the audiences. Thus, promoting to the entire audience, the power of connecting people, places and stories. A final PPS partner meeting allowed for shared reflection and what elements can be used to develop the PPS toolkit. Stay tuned.